My name is Dana Mitchell

I became interested in essential oils years ago when I was desperately seeking solutions for medical related problems that seemed to have no easy treatment.  As a child, I had terrible stomach issues that were attributed to anxiety and a dairy allergy, and those progressed during my college years into a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  Moving into my 30’s, those symptoms became a moving target and were given ominous titles like Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Irritable bowel, Sleep Disorder, Infertility, and was topped off with a large dose of daily generalized anxiety.

I went round and round with traditional medical tests only to find these conditions were difficult to diagnose and treat and most were not even covered by insurance.  Sure there were all kinds of prescriptions to try, but the side effects were worse than the actual problems I was having. Now in my 40’s, I’ve found the answer to improving these weird conditions in the form of Essential Oils.

When I first tried Essential Oils, I didn’t see any improvement.  I now realize, I was using synthetic oils that had no therapeutic benefit. When I was reintroduced to the oils, I was cautiously skeptical, but quickly found them to be extremely helpful. Yeah! I had found my answers to improved health. Contact me at to learn about my favorite brand of essential oils.

For the last few years, I’ve experimented with different oils and shared what I’ve learned with family and friends and continue to learn about these amazing gifts of the earth.  I can help you Master Essential Oils.


Why do I use essential Oils?

To care for my family in a healthy and natural way.  When my daughter came into our lives, she had a severe dairy & soy allergy, major reflux, around the clock colic, and never – I mean NEVER – slept.  She had sensitivities to things like foods, textures, and smells, but thankfully we have figured those out.  Here we are years later and she is growing and maturing along with her peers.  My search for solutions started with our daughter, and led me to essential oils, which has ended up helping all of us.  Click here to see a video about why I love essential oils.


 About Me

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  • I’m a wife, to a very smart, but at times, nerdy engineer who can build anything I dream up.
  • I’m a mom to an energetic, smart, and creative, almost 8 year old who is just like her dad and needs to know the reasons why, as well as see exactly how things work.
  • My educational background and skillset is very unusual. I was educated as a Human Resources Professional, am an experienced Professional Organizer, but have paid the bills for the last several years by being a non-technical person building Access Databases for my HR clients.
  • I aspire to be an online entrepreneur and have an online professional organizing business,
  • I have had a long history of weird medical related problems that have no easy treatments, frustrating to manage, and are mostly NOT covered by insurance, and are typically treated with prescriptions that I don’t want to take.
  • I cannot spell and honestly cannot see my own grammatical errors. If that type of thing bothers you, I’m very sorry. I think of this site as real and authentic ‘Dana unplugged’ and there’s a big potential for errors.  I apologize if that drives you crazy; it’s not intentional.  If you catch something, please sent me a note, because I do want to fix it.


 Contact Me!

I’m here to help you learn and master essential oils. Contact me to learn more about the brand of oil that I use or to have a free 15 minute oil coaching call.  Email:

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